Bright Orange Spray Paint 4-pack


  • Bright Orange Spray Paint 4-pack, 17oz cans
  • Lawn-Safe Spray Paint
  • Great for ALL DIY projects and crafts
  • Commercial and marking paint


U-Stencil Bright Orange Spray Paint 4-pack.

  • U-Stencil’s bright orange spray paint is great for all of your DIY projects interior and exterior projects.
  • U-Stencil spray paint is specially formulated to be safe for your lawn and will last up to three weeks.
  • Paint is temporary when applied on grass, sand, or dirt.
  • For more permanent applications use U-Stencil spray paint on surfaces like wood, paper, concrete, asphalt, and drywall.
  • Spray paint is great for commercial use as striping or marking paint.
  • Inverted Aerosol spray paint
  • Four, Full Size 17oz cans, 20oz total weight.


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