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Old Dominion Monarchs

Old Dominion Monarchs

All of our Old Dominion Monarchs Stencils are Officially Licensed with the IMG CLC, AFFINITY or CLP and approved by the University.

The Old Dominion Monarchs logo Stencils are reusable and laser-cut for precision detailing. Sizes range from 3 inch Culinary Crafter Stencils to 6, 7 or even 8 feet wide depending on the logo

Our Stencil kits come with multi-surface marking paint for use primarily for lawn applications. The Stencil paint is formulated to be temporary and safe to use on grass, and permanent application paint on wood, concrete, asphalt, interior/exterior walls/floors, or paper. Our paint has an inverted valve for downward spraying motion, see our paint section for more information.

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