We all know how exciting watching college sports can be and we all know how expensive licensed collegiate sports merchandise can cost. For many of us college sports enthusiasts the costs involved in buying already made merchandise is steep and way beyond our budgets. It would also be nice to make our very own custom college sports fan art whenever we like, wherever we are easily, quickly, but at an affordable price!

Now, you can make an endless amount of college sports fan art and game gear with U-Stencil’s NCAA licensed college logo stencils. How? Simply, find your college team listed on U-stencil.com and choose the size of college logo stencil you need for your next project.

We have nearly 20,00 college logo stencils from over 70 universities throughout the US.

Each officially licensed college stencil ranges in size from a half inch up to eight feet wide!

All of our college team stencils are made from durable mylar, are reusable time and time again, can be wiped clean (at times), and made right here in the good ole USA! All stencils can be used for projects indoors and out.

Our Culinary Crafter stencils are perfectly sized for decorating baked goods like cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. What’s awesome is that the Culinary Crafter is reusable, washable, and food-safe when used with frosting/icing.  You can even use the Culinary Crafter stencil for small crafts and stencil projects. (Please do not use regular craft paint on items you plan to consume.)

The Curbee stencil is perfect for adding that special collegiate mark to the outside of your home as well. Talk about curb appeal, simply place an order for your school logo stencil on U-Stencil.com and start painting your curb, landscape brick, or retaining wall block with your school colors. The Curbee is sure to be useful indoors as well. Make everything from small signs, as a template for drawing or painting on everything from throw pillows (need fabric paint), to book covers, or graduation caps. Be creative, the options are limitless.

The Mini college logo stencil is also a popular choice. Sized at up to 11” x 14.5” the Mini is great for signs and posters, painting college sports themed furniture, and even is a great size for gift giving to your own college sports fanatic. Again… you’re only limited by your imagination with this one.

U-Stencil’s Multipurpose stencil was originally created to enable college sports fans to decorate their own cornhole boards, outdoor tailgating and homegating signs, and game room decor. The Multipurpose stencil is sized at up to 15” x 23” – Size varies slightly depending on your specific college team logo.

Get ready to Tailgate or host that homegating party in the best and most exciting way! The Tailgater college logo stencil is a must have for creating large posters and signs for your parking area/spot, signage, or homemade banners. The Tailgater stencils are available to purchase on U-Stencil.com with or without stencil paint. The Tailgater Kits come with two cans of stencil paint that match your school colors. U-Stencil paint comes in a full size, 17oz Inverted Aerosol Can. It is a multipurpose paint that can be used on virtually any surface (except children and pets) and is also specially formulated to be temporary and safe for lawn/grass application.

Now to the HOME RUN HITTER or the TOUCHDOWN rated stencil…

The XL is U-Stencil’s most sought-after officially licensed college logo stencil. Why? Because the XL is HUGE and is sure to make you the talk of your neighborhood. The XL ranges in size from four feet up to 11 feet wide! It was created to enable college sports fans to bring the 50-yard line or endzone graphic home. The XL was originally thought of as a stencil for your lawn but quickly became useful for painting college logos on patios and decks, in sports themed game rooms, and even on poolside walkways. U-Stencil’s fan base have sent photo of their projects that even include painting their college logo on the floor and walls of their garage!

The XL can be purchased as a stand-alone stencil or as a complete stencil kit.

The XL Stencil kits come with FOUR cans of paint that match your college colors, easy to follow instructions, and you can even purchase refill stencil paint on U-Stencil. You’ll need a refill when your neighbor or friends say, “Hey! Paint my yard too!” LOL Perhaps you can start a game day rivalry with your neighbor who likes an opposing team – Get them to buy their college logo and send us a photo of your finished project for a free mini stencil!

Now let’s get to stenciling and show your team colors in the most unique way every imagined.

U-Stencil’s officially licensed college logo stencils and stencil kits is here to help you become the biggest and best college sports fan anyone has ever known! Support your team in the coolest way, today!


The Curbee Stencil | NCAA licensed and approved college team logo stencil.

The Curbee by U-Stencil is the ultimate size for painting your college sports team logo, and mascot mark on your curb. This NCAA licensed and approved curb stencil is by far the most versatile stencil you can use on all of your DIY crafting projects. Make your own NCAA licensed tailgate or at home watch party game gear! Show your team pride, street-side!

Shop for your team’s curbee stencil now!

The Curbee Stencil | Versatile, Small Stencil

Use this college logo stencil on your curb then take it indoors and paint your college sports team logo on your Yeti cooler, book bags/backpacks, or man-cave and diva-den side tables, signs, and game gear; you can even use to spray paint your college sports team logo on your mailbox!

Check out some of the U-Stencil Curbee customers creations:

100s of NCAA licensed and approved stencils for your curb. The Curbee stencil is a super awesome size, and a fun way to show your fandom, it’s also very easy to paint! Find YOUR team now! What are you waiting for? Get your game face on!


University of Miami Sebastian Stencils and College Sports DIY Fan Art Kits.

The officially licensed Miami Sebastian logo stencil is a perfect tool to use when painting your very own college team fan art.

Shop for your all of your favorite University of Miami logo stencils now. “Canes”, Miami “U”, and Sebastian logos available in multiple sizes!

  • U-Stencil’s Miami Sebastian, “Canes”, or “U” style stencils are great for all of your DIY interior and exterior projects.
  • It’s easy for every collegiate sports fan to design their very own officially licensed logo fan art.
  • Use with U-Stencil’s specially formulated Spray Paint, or any arts and craft paint.
  • Officially licensed University of Miami stencils range from 3 inches up to 11 feet wide.
  • Use the Miami logo stencils as a template for painting on any surface like canvas, wood, paper, concrete, asphalt, or drywall.
  • The stencil is reusable and easy to use, made of durable Mylar (polyester).

Move over Martha Stuart – Officially licensed Texas Tech Culinary Crafters are in the house! The Culinary Crafter will help you decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more! Great for graduation parties, college entrance celebrations, and sporting event and tailgater parties! Find all of your favorite Texas Tech logo culinary crafter stencils at U-Stencil.com – Now available for purchase.

Shop for Texas Tech Culinary Crafter stencils now!

All U-Stencil stencils are made and manufactured in the USA.

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Just added Officially Licensed Cal State Fullerton logo Stencils and DIY College Sports Fan Art Kits

We’re thrilled to announce that California State Fullerton is now part of the ever growing and winning team at U-Stencil! Find all of your favorite California State Fullerton logo stencils in a variety of sizes now available for purchase. Cal State Fullerton logo stencils DIY Fan Art Kits and Stencil range in size from 3 inches up to 11 feet wide.

Shop for California State Fullerton Stencils now!

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